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The Agent Advantage

Your home is among your most precious personal assets. Deciding to sell it is the first step in a journey that is best undertaken with the guidance of a trusted real estate advisor. A licensed agent has the knowledge, experience and professional network to package, promote and put your property in front of highly qualified buyers.

What to Ask Your Agent
Clearly communicate your expectations to your agent and ask questions to ensure you are on the same page.

What is your communication style?
Let your agent know how you would like to communicate throughout the sales process, including how frequently you will receive updates and whether you prefer phone calls, emails or print reports.

How do you advocate for your clients?
Look for an agent who is a skilled negotiator and who pushes for the best terms and conditions for you. Feel empowered to ask for examples of success stories or client testimonials.

What is your marketing plan?
Ask what strategies your agent will use (e.g., advertising, social media, open houses) to promote your property to the right audience.

Signing a Listing Agreement with an Agent
It is common practice to sign an exclusive right-to-sell listing agreement that ensures only one agent or team has access to your listing. Consider them the gatekeeper to your home. Their job is to represent you in the sale while working with the brokerage community to find you the right buyer. Standard contracts run for a minimum of six months and typically highlight what access your agent will have and how much their services will cost. If your home hasn’t sold by the end of the exclusivity agreement, work with your agent to determine a new sales and marketing strategy, which may include adjusting the price.

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